Currently juggling two projects: the editing of my paranormal mystery, which I’m suffering from the ‘I don’t wanna’ syndrome with, and writing a new romance novel. The first in the series is with beta readers right now, and I’m so excited about this series that I’m having to hold myself back from messaging them and being like ‘well? WELL?’

Actually it’s three projects, if you count the travel blog I’m writing while I honeymoon through Japan, and that has been taking lots of time so it should definitely count.

Also I’m trying to write postcard thank you notes to the people who came to our wedding and donated to our honeymoon fund, so there’s that as well, plus writing my longhand travel journal for me. The longhand one is suffering the most, I haven’t updated that in a few days (it feels like doubling up on the blog a bit).

But the point is, even though I’m doing all this stuff and traveling in Japan, I’m feeling super inspired. My current romance series will likely be published under a pen name, but it’s set in a themepark, and we’ve been traveling to themeparks. I literally had a brainwave of how to bring in external conflict as we got onto Space Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland. Then, a few days later, I realised the format of the first chapter.

Since then I’ve been writing consistently and getting a chapter done each day. My partner, Anna, has been a really good alpha reader, reading each one as it’s completed, making grammar and spelling corrections and pointing out if I haven’t made sense. It’s been a wonderful way to write.

I don’t know if anyone else face casts famous actors for the characters they’re reading or writing, but in my perfect world if a movie was made of my current work in progress it’d star these two boys.

In other news, Suburban Book of the Dead has some amazing reviews on Amazon and I can see that it’s slowly climbing the rankings as a result. Please purchase! and if you have already, please consider leaving a review, it really does make a difference. Amazon are more likely to show it on referral or ‘similar to…’ selections, and that increases the exposure.

You can find it here.:


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