A new thing – Patreon

A chance comment on a friend’s facebook post led me down a strange path. The path to a brand new porject and a brand new platform for my fiction.

I’ve started a Patreon page. I’m thinking it’ll be my generic “I’m a writer” patreon, but to get people interested I’m starting off with a specific project.

Introducing: This Unusual Life!

Imagine if the Royal Family were all fey from another dimension, ruling over human kind with an iron fist, but royal watchers are still a thing. Or what if the really over the top “I married a werewolf!” stories were legitmately true?

This Unusual Life! is a story told tabloid newspaper style, influenced by Welcome to Night Vale, The Daily Mirror and those amazing magazines with “True life” stories of drama, death and misplaced children. It’s a gossip magazine in an alternate universe!

By backing my patreon, for as little as $2 a month you get exclusive access to the stories as I write them. There are higher tiers as well, where you can pay more and get more from me. Extra stories, pictures of my cat, and even recieve handwritten postcards from me in real life.

If this sounds like your jam, please go to my patreon page and back me. There’s a free sample story on the page and you can see my very lofi intro video. I’m excited about this new venture, and I’m hoping you are too!

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