Auckland Zinefest 2019

my table

For the third time, I attended zinefest Auckland this weekend. I love zinefest, it’s a weird mashup of brilliant artists, punks, queer kids and rich people shopping for Art. I feel a little counter-culture when I go to it, and this year I really wanted to take some paperback books with me, in case someone wanted to buy a book.

I was also sick with the first cold I’ve had all year, which wasn’t great. I’d spent the day before chugging hot drinks, napping and bundling in blankets to stay as warm as possible. On Sunday I was rocking a fever and the kind of disconnected ‘I’m in space’ feeling that comes with a fever. But I wasn’t going to miss it.

My dear friend Teresa volunteered to help out and I’m so grateful to her for that, because I don’t think I could’ve got through the day without someone to talk to and someone to send me out for food and water.

Because of said fever, I don’t have a whole lot of depth to say, but I did make some notes of some awesome encounters I had, so… here they are.

FTR the rainbow pins were my best seller – no one bought a paperback 🙂

❤ Two women with rainbow badges who were excited to see me because they have zines of mine from previous years. One of them mentioned that they keep my RPG zine Manic Pixie Dream Girl in their flat and play it regularly! I showed them the paperback books and they were so happy for me.

❤ A beautiful, shy, boy with gorgeous long hair who nodded enthusiastically when I described why I wrote the anxiety zines, and loved my stories about Mochi.

❤ A woman with a brilliant Baymax T shirt who bought my cats zine and we commiserated about how hard it was to continue to produce art. (She’s tabled at zinefest previously.)

❤ Two ladies (in their 50s or 60s?) who questioned if I was old enough to remember the 80s. (I have a ‘things I miss’ 80s time capsule zine). They asked how the zines were written and reproduced, because they were inspired to make their own.

❤ A little boy insisted his parents buy him the Monsters zine I made (a bunch of monsters I made up) after I talked to him about his pokemon cards. Half an hour later he came back to show me the monsters zine he’d made himself at the craft table downstairs.

❤ Two much older ladies (one was 82!), who took their time looking through my zines. I talked them through my games for teambuilding zine and one suggested new zines I could make, things which would appeal to kids or for grandparents to buy for their kids. Some of their ideas were brilliant so I said I’d do them for next year, and one said she’d come back to the next one to check I’d done it.

Then a couple of days later, this popped up on instagram

My plan as soon as my cold fades, is to set up an etsy store with all my zines, so they’re available year round…

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