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Tales from the Tavern

A Limited Edition Charity Anthology

Tavern Tales

Tales from the Tavern is the first anthology I’ve ever put together and I’m pretty darn pleased with how it all turned out. It’s a charity anthology with all profits going to the NZ Drug Foundation, and put together in memory of a friend I knew primarily through tabletop roleplaying games.

We have already donated over $300 for sales through December! Which is great, but I would like to donate more …

Storytellers. Goblins. Magical cats. Magical threats.

Who can tell truth from fiction over a pint of ale at a roadside tavern? By the end of the tale, do you really want to know what actually happened? Perhaps it is better to imagine that a dragon could be charmed by a classical sonata, or that a failed bard could find fame and fortune with the help of a talking frog.

Join 13 authors on quests for glory, tales of epic adventure, and a few distractions on the way in this collection of short fantasy poems and stories.

Thalia Black * Jacqueline Brasfeld * Grace Bridges * Vera Burns * Melanie Harding-Shaw * Sara Norja * Ryn Richmond * dave ring * Grant Robinson * Jamie Sands * Merc Wolfmoor * Tabatha Wood

In loving memory of a fallen comrade. Proceeds will benefit the New Zealand Drug Foundation.

Buy the ebook here

If you’re in New Zealand you can order paperbacks from my store

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