Courage, kindess and a certain wtf

Courage, kindness and a certain wtf is a new venture by me. A subscription email where I share what’s on my mind as well as short pieces of fiction and maybe even snippets from my works in progress.

Come sign up for regular updates from me delivered right to your inbox!

There are free and paid subscription options. The free option will get you probably half of the content (although for the first while everything will be free), and the paid option is just US$50 for a year, and will et you access to everything I post.

Why did I start up a substack newsletter? well, put simply I am trying to make some more money. My contracting has been severely affected by my Long Covid, and I’m taking this as an opportunity to really work on my writing career and make it my main source of income. Paid subscriptions to my newsletter would absolutely help me achieve this goal!

That said, I appreciate each and every one of my subscribers, paid or otherwise.

Interested? Check it out here

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